Bloopies Shellies

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Bloopies Shellies are little mermaids that live inside a shell in the Bloopies Mermaid world. When the colourful iridescent shells are placed into water, after 30 seconds, the shells magically open to reveal the Shellie inside. Once opened, girls can use the map to complete the maze and release the pearl. This pearl can then be attached to the belt of the Shellie and be carried around with her wherever she goes. Each Shellie has their own personality and inside each of these pearls is a unique accessory which relates to the personality of that Shellie. There are 12+ characters to collect, as well as a rare with glitter injected tail and silver accessory pearl and ultra-rare character with thermochromic tail and golden accessory pearl for girls to try find. Just like all other Bloopies, Shellies can squirt water from their mouth and blow bubbles in the bath. The shell that the Shellies live in comes with a chain so girls can use it as a stylish bag as well.

Collection of 12 + little mermaids that live inside a shell. The shell opens magically in the water
Discover all the accessories. Take out the map from the bottle to solve the maze to find the pearl
Each pearl contains the favourite object of your Shellie which is related to its personality. Shellies have a special belt to carry their pearl everywhere
Find the 2 Shellies with special finishes and either a silver or gold pearl. There are more than 12 Shellies to collect
Take your shell everywhere . it's like a bag

Boy or Girl Girl
Age 2-6 Yrs
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